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Message sent from the birth place of Guglielmo Marconi.

Bologna, 20th January 1994

The operation agreed between the Post Offices of Italy and the Republic of San Marino to issue a commemorative stamp in 1994 dedicated to the Russian, Alexander Popov, the alleged motivation being "for having contributed to Marconi's invention", indisputably represents today, for enthusiastic philatelists the world over, an absolute historical falsehood and, for all Italian hams, an outrage against the father of the radio. Scholars who, in the past, attempted on numerous occasion to dispute the unfounded Russian claims regarding the paternity of the invention, were ignored by the authorities of the ex Soviet Union, who insisted in mantaining absurd theses on Popov's work and the origins of the radio. They even went so far as to express, without the slightest scruple, infamous judgments as well as unwarranted accusations against Guglielmo Marconi.
The Centenary of the Invention of the Radio now being near, such mystifications of the truth can no longer be permitted. A hundred years after the rifle shot that announced the birth of the radio to the world, our scientific collections, text books and encyclopedias continue to throw dark, ambiguous shadows on the originality and scientific importance of Marconi's work, almost leaving us to understand that the radio was born through a chance, fortunate setting-up of known elements.
Official scientific circles, for their part, do absolutely nothing to dispel these deplorable inferences.
So, in order to vindicate what Marconi always invoked from his compatriots, nothing less than a full commitment on our part will be needed. Such an effort would not only be a rightful homage to the truth but a decisive testimony of gratitude and admiration attributed to Marconi by his fellow citizens.

73 de Lodovico Gualandi I4CDH

Lodovico Gualandi I4CDH
Via P. Pasquali , 6

Lodovico Gualandi, I4CDH, is an expert scholar on the origins of the radio.

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